Monthly Archives: July 2012

9 Things Before Nine{AM}

It’s almost the end of July. I honestly don’t believe it and am not really accepting it quite yet. Here’s my 9 before Nine for the day.

1. ¬†School starts in 2.5 weeks and I’m in denial. I keep wondering why everyone is shopping for school clothes and supplies when I’m out in the stores. Wha????!!!

2. I quit Facebook last Thursday night. How’s that for a mini surprise? : )

3. I finished my 14th book of the year last night at midnight. I hope to post a list of my favorites later this week.

4. Yesterday, Chad and I got the kids back after they were at my Mom’s for 4 days. Partly for our anniversary and partly for a mini vacation at home. It was blissful. Thank you, Mom!

5. We celebrated 13 years of marriage last Wednesday. I still don’t feel old enough to have been married that long!

6. Our house has been on the market for 10 days and no one has looked at it. Discouraging? A little, but it’s either meant to be or not, so….

7. Chad surprised me BIG TIME with a new MacBook Pro last week as his gift to me. I’m typing on her right now. And loving it. Thank you, love!

8. Back to the house thought….we can’t decide where we want to live, if and when this house sells. City + convenience + close to work/school or country + land + privacy + farther away. I’m tired of thinking about it and so is Chad.

9. I went shopping! I bought dresses! I feel pretty! ; ) Just kidding. I had some extra money allotted for clothing which is a rarity and it was so nice to go and get the things I needed.

I’m sure I’ll elaborate on one or more of these items later in the week. Happy Monday!