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Be Thankful : Day 1 (and I’ve moved)

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 I’m thankful for that up there. ^^^

The husband who I don’t deserve + who somehow splits his life between 2 very different worlds.

The children who are more loving + kind  + full of sweet soul than I ever could have imagined.

How did I get this lucky?


I was standing in the laundry room on Sunday going through an entire stick of that Oxy gel stick  stain remover on Maddox’s grass-stained school uniform pants.

Usually when this happens I start to mentally tally up the money I’m spending on stain sticks (I go through about 2 a week) and how many new pair of pants I could buy instead with the money. And I start to get really annoyed that my son likes to slide on the ground all over the place whenever he plays with his buddies.

But on Sunday, I paused for a second and I think God was whispering in my ear.

I suddenly got a big smile on my face and some teary eyes and thought of how I am LUCKY to have to be cleaning the grass stains off of a 6 year old boy’s khakis. He is healthy and active and able to run and play.

And he is here. With me. Alive + well.

Sadly, some parents can’t say that and they would give anything to be cleaning their sweet child’s play clothes each night.


That’s all life is really, and so I spent the next 30 minutes JOYFULLY working on all of his clothes.


So, today I am thankful for them and all that they have made me. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with this family.


On another note : my blog has moved! (Obviously.)


At least for now. 😉

I’ve moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress and changed all names directing you here.

I had a sweet girl (Danielle Burkleo) do all of my blog + upcoming shop logo and designs for The Paper Arrow and I’m excited to start fresh over here. (I have transferred all of my old posts over, so if you are searching for something you should find it here.)

There are a few things that I’m still tweaking, but for now everything is usable.

And writable!

Lots of stuff coming up, and I hope you enjoy this new space.