Hi, you guys.

I’m a Christian wife + mother from Nashville, TN.

My husband is in the music business and that is the reason we moved here in 2002.

BUT…I am so thankful his job brought us to this town.

I adore this place.

These people.

It’s my home state.

Tennessee born & bred.

Telling much more about myself at this point is awkward, so I’ll just make you 2 lists.

I’m good at lists.

Things I’m passionate about:

teal blue (since I was 15)

the perfect lyric

hobby photography

simplicity parenting

being real

deep dark books

building community



(not in that order)

Things I’m NOT passionate about:

cats (I’m highly allergic)

cigarette smoke (also allergic)

wintertime (except Christmas)



In a nutshell, I’m a country girl at heart who loves simple things and adores my family & friends. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

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