New Family Room Artwork

A few days stuck inside will make you suddenly want to post a lot of photos to your blog that you’ve been saving up for weeks. Ha!

A few weeks I hinted to a new piece of artwork I had purchased for our family room. I am a cheapskate when it comes to my own home decor, mainly because I switch it out constantly. I probably rearrange our furniture in most rooms monthly. I trade out decor from room to room as the mood strikes me. Because of this, it makes sense for me not to spend lots of dollars on accessories. And to me, art is an accessory. If you buy the right kind of art, it can be moved from room to room on any given day.

Again, bear with my iPhone photos. My camera and I have not been best buds lately, so I need to get back in the hang of using it and uploading to my laptop regularly. For now, this will work.

I bought this large Love You Madly piece of art from Hobby Lobby on clearance for $40. FORTY DOLLARS. Easy. It’s light. It’s neutral. It’s sweet. I love it. 

My sister-in-law loved it so much that she went and snagged one for her new master bedroom and we hung it up in there when I was working in her home last month. Again, I loved it there, too.

Here are some quick photos. And if you’ve ever kind of wanted to see how our floor plan is, the whole room photo above (and another one further down) gives you a small idea. The huge wall of windows to the right of the photo are overlooking the backyard and pool. To the left of the room past the staircase is our front door. Back in the left corner of the photo is our little piano / reading nook. My office / craft room is behind this fireplace wall.

Close up detail of the piece. I am in love with the light grey wood frame.

My little grey-blue table is from World Market. It has been so versatile and I have used it in probably 4 rooms already.

Next on my list for this room is a raw wood piece that goes over the fireplace. We have never been able to use this wood-burning fireplace because it is too broken up inside to safely use, but that is on our long list of things to renovate in the future. My early years were spent living in an old log cabin with a massive wood-burning stone fireplace and winter just doesn’t feel like winter without a real fire roaring and popping. My Floridian husband doesn’t agree, but that’s okay. 😉 He has his gas fireplace downstairs in the man cave.

Maybe next winter I’ll post a photo of a beautiful fire in this space.

xoxo, Amanda

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