when it all seems too much.

Sometimes I start to slowly lose my mind.

Sometimes I think I might not make it through another day without some more help at home.

Sometimes I can’t get out of bed because everything just seems too much.

I usually do fine trying to take care of everything myself and I try my best not to complain to others who might have an extra kid or two than me or to others that work full-time all day or to others that are actually single parents. Because my life is actually pretty awesome. It’s just my mind gets overwhelmed and I often have a hard time bringing everything back into focus. Sometimes I need help with that. Thankfully, I have people who offer to help me. But let’s start out with what happened….

For an entire week, SEVEN DAYS, we have been without hot water in our home. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world….I totally get that. BUT, it is a massive nuisance. You can’t wash your laundry, you can’t clean your body, you can’t clean your HAIR, and you can’t clean your dishes.

Let’s add on top of that I’m supposed to be hosting a baby shower in my home in about 5 days.

And that I’m supposed to be finishing up a room in a client’s house by Friday for a party.

And that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in stress over what necessary procedures to deal with on this house that needs major work, including this water heater issue, which is now all starting this week. (Yes, before the party. But I’m not slowing the work down. I’m happy for it to start!)

And most importantly to me right now, trying to get my design & staging business all sorted out and off the ground with pretty much no time leftover for myself. That is the worst kind of frustration.

Then this.

This “ice storm.”

Wow. I have about a gazillion errands that I need to deal with this week and my kids have been home from school for 6 days straight now due to break and then snow days and I haven’t had a true hot shower since last Tuesday.

Friends, I don’t know about you, but that’s sounds like just about enough for one normal week.

But here’s the lovely side I have tried so desperately to focus on.

My husband and my friends who have offered to help me out.

I don’t ask for help. Not real help, at least. It is hard for me and I usually try to keep chugging along. I was taught to figure things out on your own. It is embarrassing for me to ask for help usually. That is a downfall in a lot of ways.

Thankfully, three of my closest friends offered for me to come to their homes this last week and shower myself and the kids and do laundry. Chad ended up using water from pots heated on the stove and the YMCA when he could. (Other not-as-close friends and even a mere acquaintance offered to help and I was very touched by their generosity even though we didn’t have the chance to take them up on it.)

And then yesterday, when it seemed like I might lose my mind, Chad came home from work and knew that I was shutting down. My sweet husband spent his free time heating up probably 20-something pots of water on the stove and running them up and down the stairs, one after the other, to make a continuous bath so the kids and I could wash up. It was the kindest gesture I never would have thought to ask for.

Because of what he did, I was able to wake up clean this morning. Refreshed. A new outlook on the day. And thank the Lord for the sunshine today.

I took a little bit of time to myself mid-morning and walked around the Back .40 of our property and just took in the beauty. These photos could never do it justice. It is like walking through a natural ice castle back there. The sun shining on these trees make them look like glittering diamonds over every single surface. It is truly a glorious sight!

I know the ice and snow will melt. I know that I will soon have hot water and won’t be bathing like Laura Ingalls any longer. I know that my business will one day get started. (Hopefully sooner than later.) But most of all, I know that my husband always has my back. My friends have my back. Everyone is healthy.

There is ALWAYS something to find the positive in. Sometimes we just need a little help finding it.

We are making it. We are surviving with the help we have been given. And I am currently crossing my fingers as the water heater installers work on my new and improved hot water heater! Haha!

Now. Go enjoy your own winter wonderland!

xoxo, Amanda

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